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The Stockholm-based hardcore rockers are one of the hardest working acts in the alternative scene today. Blending the intense style of The Bronx and Every Time I Die with the melodic landscape of legends such as Deftones and Coheed & Cambria.. This makes Ad Meliora’s music a cocktail where you can find extremely catchy choruses for you to sing along and instrumental sections which will blown your head away.

After several releases well received by the critic (their last single "Death on the Shore" was included in the Loudwire magazine Weekly Wire list) and 3 years of touring in Scandinavia causing a huge impact in the underground scene they are ready to take a step forward and start getting the attention they deserve in the european circuit.

Proof of this is their first LP “A Story Untold” a concept album that shows their maturity level peak in songwriting. To support the album release they are embarking in their first european tour and they are looking forward to add more dates in 2024.

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